Learning & Working in a Digital World (ASCX 150)

A university degree needs to prepare learners to pursue careers that do not yet exist - to solve problems that we cannot yet comprehend. This course will help to you to develop transferable skills that will reach into that unknown future, setting you up for success in university and beyond.

Modules will include the psychology of how we learn and process information, assessing and evaluating the accuracy and trustworthiness of both qualitative and quantitative statements, productivity, and academic integrity. The course will also support your development of interpersonal, teamwork, intercultural competency and conflict resolution skills.

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How to Enrol

You can enrol in Learning & Working in A Digital World (ASCX 150) through the regular course enrolment process. Please note the below prerequisites and exclusions.

Prerequisite: Registration in an Arts and Science Degree Plan. Equivalency ASCX 101.