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A statement letter is an official document prepared by the Arts and Science Faculty Office, Student Services, used for various purposes, including degree verification, confirmation of enrolment and/or academic standing, ranking letters for professional schools and teacher qualification letters.

Statement Letters

Statement letters may be ordered through Student Services by filling out the form and submitting it by fax or dropping it off in person (main floor, Dunning Hall). Payment must be received before the letter has been produced. Payment may be made online (using the "Pay Now" button below) or in person in our office.

Statement letters are considered confidential documents and therefore cannot be ordered or released to anyone but the student unless authorized by the student to do so. Once we receive the request the processing time is 5 business days.

Standard Statement Letters available upon request:

  • Certification of degree requirements ($12.00 plus $5.00 per additional signed original copy).
  • Confirmation of enrolment and/or academic standing ($12.00 plus $5.00 per additional signed original copy).
  • Dean's Certification Form and/or Letter (Comparative ranking standard for BAH; BSCH for professional schools) ($12.00 plus $5.00 per additional signed original copy).
  • Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (Teacher qualification services) ($12.00 plus $5.00 per additional copy).  The original letter is normally mailed directly to QECO.
  • Registered Education Savings Plan ($12.00).

Specialized Statement Letters

There are times when a normal statement letter is insufficient to address a current student or graduate’s needs. These types of letters are complex and require significant time and research to complete. Once we receive a request for a specialized letter we require a processing time of 20 business days.  

Fee will be $50.

Information or verification that can be obtained from Other Sources:

Your transcript obtained through SOLUS will provide course titles, term lengths, grades received and the date courses were taken.

Academic Calendars may be searched by year (dating back to 2008-2009) to look up:

  • course descriptions
  • general and specific program requirements
  • grading scales/systems
  • rules and regulations

Request a Statement Letter using this Form.




Academic Appeals

For information about Academic Appeals, visit this page of our website.

Academic Integrity Appeals

Appeal of an Instructor's Department of Academic Integrity decision:

Appeal of an Associate Dean's Department of Academic Integrity decision:

For information about the Academic Integrity appeals process, see this page of our website.


PIC Application Form

Once you have completed your PIC application form, please send it to asc.studentservices@queensu.ca.

Find information about Personal Interest Credits here.


Access to a student’s personal academic and financial status is privileged and confidential. Each student has the ability to authorize a third party (e.g., a parent or guardian) for access to his or her academic and financial information, but also has the right to maintain complete confidentiality in one or both areas. The default is for this information to remain confidential; a student must specifically designate an individual for access. If a student has granted you access to his or her academic data, we strongly encourage you to discuss with the student what your respective expectations are regarding the use of that access.

Privacy Policy – Office of the University Registrar
Privacy Policy – Queen’s University Residences

The student can access the Communication Release Form in the Personal Information section of their SOLUS account.


The Faculty of Arts and Science has developed various policies to govern some of the functions of the office.  These policies include:


Queen’s University has a Student Code of Conduct to describe the standard of behaviour to which its students will be held.

More information can be found here.

Contravention of the terms of conduct published here or of any other applicable University policy by any Queen’s student may lead to disciplinary consequences.