Transfer Students @ Queen's

Congratulations on your admission to Queen’s! You’ve decided to accept the challenge of pursuing your goals with the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

Activate your Queen’s NetID at

Your Queen's University Network Identity (NetID) gives you access to online services at Queen's, such as Queen's Email and MyQueensU which is your portal to accessing SOLUS (Student OnLine University System).

Log in to SOLUS

Once activated, go to the Queen’s home page at At the top of the screen you will see a box called “Log in to:”.  Click the drop down menu and select MyQueensU/SOLUS and click the arrow.  Log in with your NetID and password.

Again on the right side of the screen near the top you will see a tab for SOLUS.

Now you have arrived at your SOLUS Student Centre.  From here you can access information about your program, plan, fees, academic advisement report, enrolment appointment time, shopping cart, class timetable, grades, GPA, etc.

View your Enrolment Appointment Time

All students are given an Enrollment Appointment Time to begin enrolling in classes.  Your Enrolment Appointment Time is when you can enroll in the courses that you have added to your shopping cart (see below).  Since class selection is first-come; first-served, it is important that you enroll in your classes as soon as your appointment time begins.

Choose your Classes

If you aren’t sure what courses you need to take for your degree plan, run your Academic Requirements Report.  Visit Your AAR is a great tool to use to track your progress in your degree.

Add your classes to your shopping cart

From your Student Centre, click on Search to look for classes.  Once you have found the class you are searching for, click Next and the class will be added to your shopping cart.  Be sure to add classes to both your fall and winter terms.  Once you have all of your classes in your shopping cart, click the Validate button to ensure that you do not have any timetable conflicts, or prerequisite errors.

NOTE:  Depending on the timing, your transfer credits may not have been assessed and entered to your student record by the time you are ready to enroll in classes.  If that happens and you receive an error stating that you do not satisfy the prerequisite for the class you are trying to add, you will need to contact the department directly for assistance.

Enrol in your Fall Winter Classes

Once your enrolment appointment time begins, log in to your SOLUS Student Centre and finish enrolling in your classes.  Be sure to pay attention to any error messages. 

Class selection ends on July 31st.

Pay Tuition

Once you are enrolled in your classes, check your SOLUS Student Centre for tuition and fees owing.  Tuition and fees for the fall term are due on September 1st.

Open Enrolment

If you wish to make any changes to your classes, you may access your SOLUS Student Centre beginning August 25.


Students who go on exchange usually do so in their third year, in part because the competitive selection process limits the number of exchange placements available. The degree requirements in many subjects of concentration are such that students pursuing a major concentration have maximum flexibility for study abroad in their third year of study.

The Faculty of Arts and Science has established formal exchange partnerships with over 85 universities in 24 countries worldwide and growing. Many of the partners listed are bilateral exchanges which are agreements between Queen's and another university.  There are also a number of consortial exchange which students can also apply to for exchange.  The partners are sorted by country and each country page contains some useful information and links to other resources to assist with researching your exchange country.

Learn more about Upper Year International Exchange opportunities >


Thinking about where you are going to live next year? There are limited spaces available in residence for upper-years’ – applications will be accepted until February and will be selected by lottery. Visit the Residence website for more information.

Other resources to help you find a home:


What are the admission requirements to be admitted to Queen’s?

Admission requirements vary by degree Program/Plan.  Please review the information can be found at this link; please click on “+what can I study?”

My marks aren’t as high as they would be normally due to some extenuating circumstances. Does the Faculty of Arts and Science consider any extenuating circumstances with my application?  Do you consider volunteer or employment experience or letters of recommendation?

Extenuating circumstances, volunteer or employment experience and letters of recommendation are not considered with transfer applications to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Can I appeal my admission decision?

Following Senate rules, admission decisions are not appealable.

I would like to know what courses that I have completed so far at my current school would transfer prior to my applying to Queen’s--- can you tell me what transfer credits I would receive?

Transfer credits are assessed after students have applied and accepted their offer of admission.

Students can view the ONTransfer website to gain an understanding of what courses could be transferred.  Please note that this site is in development so it is not an exhaustive list.

How do I apply for transfer credits?

This link will provide directions for submitting courses for possible transfer credit.

I don’t see my transfer credits on SOLUS yet-who should I contact?

Transfer credits can take 2-3 weeks to process as they are sent to departments for their review.  For questions about the processing of your transfer credits, please contact Undergraduate Admissions.

The degree Plan I want to apply to isn’t listed on OUAC and it isn’t listed on the Faculty of Arts and Science transfer web page (—is this an error?

Some of our degree Plans are at capacity with our current students, so direct transfer to those degree Plans is not possible.

Could I access one of the degree Plans that is at capacity once I have transferred to Queen’s?

Yes, it is possible, but it isn’t guaranteed.  To apply for entry to previously at capacity degree Programs/Plans students must have:

  • Completed 24.0 units after being admitted into the Faculty of Arts and Science for on-campus study;
  • Completed the necessary prerequisite course for entry to the degree Program/Plan (please note for some Plans, such as Psychology, students must take the prerequisite course at Queen’s);
  • Earned the minimum required grade in the prerequisite course, and
  • Earned the minimum required cumulative GPA (Queen’s GPA only) for access to the degree Program/Plan.

Since admission is determined by gaining access to a prerequisite course, earning a set mark in the prerequisite course, and having a set GPA from Queen’s, we caution students that there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the desired degree Program/Plan.  (Please note that for some programs, such as Kinesiology and Physical and Health Education, only a few spaces are available).  Further, should a student meet the requirements listed above, and space be available, students must know it will take additional time to complete degree requirements.

We encourage students to carefully review their decision should they be applying to Queen’s with the hopes of gaining access to an at capacity program as we cannot guarantee admission.


Applicants who wish to transfer to the Faculty of Arts and Science from another Faculty, School or Distance Studies at Queen’s University may apply to transfer as Internal Transfer students. Visit this page of our website to learn about this process.