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Other Provinces/Territories

Students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons are eligible to apply for full time or part time government student assistance through their province of residency.  Full time applications are available online through the provincial or territorial financial aid websites below.

Part time applications, depending on the province/territory, may be available online or by paper copy only.

Students must apply each academic year.

Out of Province Interest-Free Status

If you are receiving full-time government student financial assistance from your province for the current/upcoming study period, your lender (loan servicer) will automatically update your interest-free status based on the study period dates of your current government assistance application, once your application has processed and full-time enrolment is confirmed.

If you are NOT receiving government student financial assistance from your province for the current/upcoming study period and are enrolled in a full-time course load, you are responsible to update your lender/service provider with your enrolment status.  To avoid accruing irreversible interest on your previous government loans, the lender must be updated before your six-month grace period elapses.  However, you must be enrolled in full-time studies at the time you submit your request and the request must be submitted prior to the end of your current study period. 

Please Note:  We can only confirm full-time enrolment for the current study period.  We are not permitted to confirm enrolment for previous academic years.

Note: If you apply for government student financial assistance late or there is a delay in the processing of your current government funding application and you will not receive your first installment at the start of your study period we recommend you update your lender/service provider to avoid accruing interest.

Enrolment in a minimum 60% course load in each term of study (40% course load for students with a permanent disability) can reinstate the interest-free status on government student loans (discontinue payment) during the period of full-time enrolment.  Students from outside the province of Ontario may consult the information outlined below for an explanation of how to submit a request for confirmation of enrolment for interest-free status.  Ontario students may submit an online “Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) Application” available via their account on the OSAP website.

We recommend you follow up with your respective lender/service provider to ensure information has been received and interest-free status has been reinstated.  Contact your Financial Aid Office (Student Awards Office) if you have submitted a request and your interest-free status has not been reinstated (before your 6-month grace period elapses).

How to Maintain Your Interest-Free Status:

You have two options to maintain your interest-free status and update your lender(s):

Option 1: Electronically via the NSLSC (National Student Loans Service Centre)

Please note, if you do not have previous Federal loans you must request interest-free status via the paper form (see option 2 below) in order to maintain interest-free status on your outstanding provincial loans.

Please Note: For further information regarding interest-free status for Ontario students, please see our OSAP section.

The NSLSC Portal – How to Initiate an Interest-Free Request online:

  1. Visit
    a. Select NSLSC Online Services
    b. Sign On or new users must register (you will require your SIN and loan number to register, you may call the NSLSC 1-888-815-4514 to obtain your loan number)
  2. Select Confirm your Enrollment
  3. Complete the required sections
  4. Submit your request

Requests will be sent electronically to the school and will be completed by the Student Awards Office within 3-5 business days after the study start date. It usually takes about 12 business days for your account to be updated. The Student Awards Office cannot process requests received after the study end date.

This option is available to students borrowing from the following provinces:

  • BC
  • AB
  • SK
  • NL
  • NB
  • NS
  • PEI (federal loans updated only: must use paper option 2 below to update provincial lender)
  • MB (federal loans updated only: must use paper option 2 below to update provincial lender)
  • YK

All of your lenders (loan servicers) need to be notified as soon as possible of your full-time student status. If you have loans that are not being serviced by the NSLSC you must use the paper form indicated below.

Option 2: Paper Form

This option requires you (the borrower) to have the Student Awards Office complete the form indicated below; you must submit the completed form to your lender(s).

You may contact your provincial or territorial student assistance office for further information.

The following forms will maintain your interest-free status: