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​Academic Faculties, Programs & Departments

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Queen's University offers a wide range of academic opportunities. Programs and concentrations offered by Queen's at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels are listed on this page.



(B): Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree program or concentration
(C): Certificate
(D): Doctoral degree program or concentration
(GD): Graduate Diploma
(JD): Juris Doctor
(M): Master's (graduate) degree program or concentration
(MD): Doctor of Medicine
(P): Postgraduate Medical Education

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Academic Writing (C)  
Aging and Health (GD/M)  
Anatomic Pathology (P)  
Anatomical Sciences (M)  
Anesthesiology (P)  
Applied Economics (B)  
Applied Sustainability (M)  
Art Conservation (M)  
Art History (B/M/D)  
Astronomy and Astrophysics (B/M/D)  
Biochemistry (B)  
Biology (B/M/D)  
Biology and Math (B)  
Biology and Psychology (B)  
Biotechnology (B, B + Diploma)  
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (M/D)  
Biomedical Computing (B)  
Biomedical Engineering (M/D)  
Biostatistics (M)  
Business Administration (M)  
Business / Management (B/M/D)  
Business and Law combined (M/B)  
Cancer Research (M/D)  
Cardiology (P)  
Chemical Engineering (B/M/D)  
Chemistry (B/M/D)  
Civil Engineering (B/M/D)  
Classics (B/M)  
Classical Studies (B)  
Cognitive Science (B)  
Combined Medicine/Research (MD/PHD and MD/MSc)  
Commerce (B)  
Computer Engineering (B/M/D)  
Computer Science (B/M/D)  
Computing (B/M/D)  
Computing and the Creative Arts (B)  
Concurrent Education (B)  
Creative Arts (in general)  
Critical Care (P)  
Cultural Studies (M/D)  
Diagnostic Radiology (P)  
Drama (B)  
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (M)  
Earth Systems Sciences (B/M/D)  
Economics (B/M/D)  
Economics and Law combined (M/JD)  
Education (B/M/D)  
Electrical Engineering (B/M/D)  
Emergency Medicine (P)  
Employment Relations (C)  
Engineering Chemistry (B/M/D)  
Engineering Physics (B/M/D)  
English Language and Literature (B/M/D)  
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (M)  
Environmental Biology (B/M/D)  
Environmental Chemistry (B/M/D)  
Environmental Geology (B/M/D)  
Environmental Life Sciences (B/M/D)  
Environmental Studies (B/M/D)  
Environmental Toxicology (B/M/D)  
Epidemiology (M/D)  
Executive MBA (M)  
Family Medicine (P)  
Family Medicine: Aboriginal Health (P)  
Family Medicine: Anesthesia (P)  
Family Medicine: Care of the Elderly (P)  
Family Medicine: Developmental Disabilities (P)  
Family Medicine: Emergency Medicine (P)  
Family Medicine: Global Health (P)  
Family Medicine: Rural Skills (P)  
Family Medicine: Women's Health (P)  
Film and Media (B)  
Finance (M)  
Fine Art (B)  
French Studies (B/M/D)  
Gastroenterology (P)  
Gender Studies (B/M)  
General Internal Medicine (P)  
General Surgery (P)  
GeoEngineering (M/D)  
Geographic Information Science (C)  
Geography (B/M/D)  
Geological Engineering (B/M/D)  
Geological Sciences (B/M/D)  
German (B)  
Global Development Studies (B/M)  
Graduate Certificate in Community Relations (C)  
Greek (B)  
Healthcare Quality (M)  
Health Science (B)  
Health Studies (B/M/D)  
Hebrew Language & Literature (B)  
Hematology (P)  
Hispanic Studies (B)  
History (B/M/D)  
Humanities (in general)  
Indigenous Studies  
Industrial Relations (M)  
Industrial Relations and Law combined (M/B)  
Interdisciplinary Studies (B)  
Internal Medicine (P)  
International Business (M)  
International Studies (C)  
Italian (B)  
Jewish Studies (B)  
Kinesiology (B/M/D)  
Law (B/M/D)  
Law (C)  
Law and master's programs combined (JD/M)  
Liberal Studies (B)  
Linguistics (B)  
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Inuktitut, Italian, Japanese, Mohawk, Portuguese, Spanish (B)  
Latin (B)  
Life Sciences (B)  
MBA (M)  
Management (B/M/D)  
Management Analytics (M)  
Mathematics and Engineering (B/M/D)  
Mathematics and Statistics (B/M/D)  
Mechanical and Materials Engineering (B/M/D)  
Mathematical Physics (B/M/D)  
Media Studies (C)  
Medieval Studies (B)  
Medical Oncology (P)  
Medicine (MD/M/D)  
Mining Engineering (B/M/D)  
Mining Engineering Technology (B)  
Music (B, B + Diploma)  
Nephrology (P)  
Neurology (P)  
Neuroscience Studies (M/D)  
Nursing (B/M/GD/D)  
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (P)  
Occupational Therapy (M)  
Ophthalmology (P)  
Orthopaedic Surgery (P)  
Palliative Care Medicine (P)  
Pathology and Molecular Medicine (M/D)  
Pediatrics (P)  
Philosophy (B/M/D)  
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (P)  
Physical Sciences (in general)  
Physical Therapy (M)  
Physical and Health Education (B)  
Physics (B/M/D)  
Political Studies (B/M/D)  
Political Thought (M)  
Psychiatry (P)  
Psychology (B/M/D)  
Public Administration (M)  
Public Administration and Law combined (M/JD)  
Public Health (M)  
Public Health and Preventive Medicine (P)  
Professional Inquiry (GD)  
Radiation Oncology (P)  
Rehabilitation Science (M/D)  
Religious Studies (B/M)  
Respirology (P)  
Rheumatology (P)  
Risk Policy and Regulation (GD)  
Sexual and Gender Diversity (C)  
Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries (GD)  
Social Sciences (in general)  
Sociology (B/M/D)  
Software Design (B)  
Spanish (B)  
Spanish and Latin American Studies (B)  
Stage and Screen Studies (B)  
Statistics (B/M/D)  
Urban and Regional Planning (M)  
Urology (P)  
World Language Studies (B)  


​Academic Faculties and Schools, Departments and Programs

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Faculty of Arts and Science

Where exceptional students learn to analyze and think critically, communicate and debate, interpret and judge independently – skills that are sought after by postgraduate programs, professional schools, and employers.

[student at convocation]

Faculty of Education

Developing progressive, ethical, competent, and thoughtful leaders in education through teaching, research, and professional collaboration. The Faculty of Education includes the School of English.

[student at convocation]

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

In an atmosphere of collaboration, not competition, Queen’s engineers take pride in a tradition of achievement in both academic and in extracurricular pursuits that have an impact on the world. A common first year exposes entering students to range of engineering disciplines.

[student at convocation]

Faculty of Health Sciences

With strong collaboration across the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Rehabilitation Therapy and our partnering institutions, the Faculty of Health Sciences excels across all of its mandates for education, health care, and research.

[student at convocation]

Faculty of Law

Developing outstanding legal professionals with a global perspective and advancing the understanding and development of the law through dedicated, innovative teaching and scholarship, within a proud tradition of community, collegiality, and service.

[student at convocation]

Smith School of Business

One of the world’s premier business schools, recognized for its outstanding faculty and innovative approaches to business education, Smith School develops outstanding leaders with a global perspective and creates new knowledge that advances business and society.

[student at convocation]

School of Graduate Studies

Offering more than 125 graduate degree programs within 50+ departments and centres of research and an Office of Post-Doctoral Training, the School of Graduate Studies helps students set their ideas in motion and create an impact on the world.

[student at convocation]

School of Policy Studies

The School of Policy Studies is a leading centre for advanced education, research, debate and interaction with the non-academic world in the fields of public policy and administration.

[student at convocation]

Queen's Online

Wherever you are, you can be part of the Queen's learning community. Queen's offers a wide array of online courses to select from, as well as several degree programs.

Professional and Executive Education

Youth Programs

[Majors Night]
Current students can learn about courses of study at the Majors Night event, which takes place every fall.