Tuition, Funding & Scholarships

Wondering what it will cost to go to grad school? Learn about the numerous options for funding, awards and scholarships below.

Tuition Fees at Queen's University

Tuition fees are assessed and posted by the Office of the University Registrar.


Between internal and departmental awards, teaching and research assistantships, external scholarships and fellowships, our students receive nearly $25 million in total funding each year.

Our Ph.D. students receive a guaranteed minimum funding package of $18,000 a year with many departments setting higher funding minimums and almost all offering much higher average funding packages. The majority of Master's students in research degree programs, also receive substantial funding support.

Awards and Scholarships


In addition to our funding packages, we offer the following Faculty of Arts and Science Dean’s awards:

  • Dean’s Award for Women in Science
  • Dean’s Award for Social Justice
  • Dean’s Award for Environmental Justice
  • Dean’s Award for Project-based and Portfolio PhD Research

The awards for Women in Science, Social Justice, and Environmental Justice are based on academic merit and are intended to support graduate students in making contributions to their field of study. The maximum value of the award is $3000. There is no deadline and no applications are required for these awards. All you need to do to be considered is apply to a relevant Arts and Science graduate program.

The Award for Project-based and Portfolio PhD Research supports costs directly related to the completion of the degree to a maximum value of $3,000 and it supports increased demand for non-traditional doctoral formats. The application is made after acceptance to a relevant Arts and Science graduate program.

In addition to the information provided below, expanded details about Awards Financial Assistance can be found in the Queen's University Graduate Calendar

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