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Queen’s celebrates Pride Month

The arrival of June marks the start of Pride Month, a time to honour and support members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, while also reflecting on the long, difficult history that has led to this month.

Mimicking nature’s structural complexity

The functions that sustain life rely on the way living things organize at scales ranging from proteins, to cells, to tissues, to organs. Mimicking nature’s structural complexity in artificial systems to process information or energy the way living things do is a major challenge for materials that can be made and used sustainably. But meeting this challenge means scientists need much better control over how big structures arise from smaller ones, especially at very small scales.

12 Eventful Days in Havana - Renewing Experiential Education Abroad

In March 2020 Cuban jazz pianist Aldo López-Gavilán performed at Queen’s University in Kingston, in what was the last live concert many of us saw for the next 2 years. The audience included 30 students who learned the next day we could not continue our Cuban Culture course in Havana as we had the previous 12 years. Last week, some of those same students attended Aldo's concert at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano as we resumed our course in Havana this May.

Inspired by the human brain

The idea that the human brain, the most impressive machine ever known, could inspire the development of computers is not new. In fact, the concept of artificial networks inspired by neurons, the central units that make up the brain, first surfaced in the 1950s. But the last decade has seen a resurgence of research programs looking at building neuromorphic computing with the help of a new ally: photonics.

Meet Taylor Cenac – Black Studies administrative assistant

In this newly created role, she is responsible for the daily administration and operation of the Black Studies undergraduate program, and she coordinates recruitment events, experiential learning opportunities, and student engagement activities. As the Black Studies Program and Administrative Assistant, Cenac will provide administrative, finance, and research support to Black Studies faculty members.