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March 21, 2020

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May 23
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Queen’s University, Kingston
July 9-12, 2020

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July 13-August 1, 2020
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September 5, 2020
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September 10, 2020

Student Profiles

Allison Gowanlock

Hi everyone! My name is Allison and I am a fourth year in the Biopsychology program. Last year I completed my QUIP internship in the Faculty of Arts and Science, and this year I am finishing my fourth year while co-coordinating the 2019-2020 PASS team. I hope you stop by and learn more about what PASS is and let us answer any questions you have.

Yonie Ye

Hey everyone! My name is Yonie and I am a third year Life Sciences student also pursuing a certificate in business. This is my second year being involved in PASS and I am lucky enough to be one of the co-coordinators of this program for this year! If you have any questions about first year, please feel free to drop by!

Julia Lawrence 

Hi everyone, my name is Julia and I am a fourth year student majoring in Life Sciences. I can typically be found on campus either in Botterell basement or the Reading Room of Douglas Library. On top of juggling a busy school schedule I am one of the Co-Captains of the Queen's Equestrian Team. The team was perfect way for me to come out of my shell, and I always try to promote different clubs to help first years get acclimated at Queen's! Back in first year I used the PASS advisors once or twice, but looking back I should have gone more to get my questions answered by people that have been in similar situations. I cannot wait to make sure that some of the mistakes that I have made throughout my years at Queen's are not repeated by others!!

Sarah Bahreinian 

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah! Welcome to Queen’s! I’m a second-year student at Queen’s studying Concurrent Education with a specialization in Life Sciences. My first year at Queen’s was a bit of a difficult transition for me. I reached out to a lot of different people on campus and I am so grateful for all the support I received. PASS was an especially helpful resource for me last year. I decided to become a PASS advisor to give back and to have the opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned from my experiences in first-year to new students. Besides PASS, I am also a QSuccess mentor, a Gael for ASUS orientation, and the Co-Chair for WORTH (a group under the ASUS Equity Commission that focuses on intersectional feminism). I am so excited to be a PASS advisor this year and I am can’t wait to meet all of you! I am always here to chat about anything on your mind – no matter how big or small. I look forward to helping you navigate your way through first-year and make the best of this exciting experience! See you soon!

Aleena Virani 

Hi everyone! My name is Aleena, and I am entering my fourth year here at Queen’s! I’m pursuing a major in Life Sciences, and in the future I hope to pursue a career with a focus on global health. I will also be involved with the Ismaili Students’ Association and the AMS Food Bank as a coordinator for the upcoming year. At Queen’s, we know that first year can be a year of changes and challenges, which is why resources such as PASS are offered that are specifically designed to help you navigate through it all. Being able to talk to upper-year students who have been in your place can be so reassuring, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this valuable resource. If you ever have questions, please feel welcome to stop by- we are excited to meet you!

Priya Premranjith 

Hey everyone! My name is Priya and I’ll be going into my fourth year as a major in Life Sciences and minor in Health Studies. Aside from PASS, I’m involved with the Peer Support Centre, Providence Care Hospital, and NeuGeneration Conference. Outside of school you can catch me at Stauffer, which is like my second home, but when I do get some time to myself, I like to enjoy it with friends and spend time outdoors. I know first year can be really overwhelming with so many different elements changing, so that’s why we’re here to help! I hope to meet and help many of you this year!

Katie Faulkner

Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am heading into my fourth year at Queen’s studying Biopsychology. I am originally from a little town called King City but have grown to love my home here in Kingston. I hope to pursue a career in the field of mental health and love giving back to the community. In my spare time, I enjoy playing intramural soccer, spending time with friends, and drinking too much coffee. You can also usually find me studying in Douglas Library with a GIGANTIC bag of candy from Grocery Checkout (no shame). This will be my first year as a PASS advisor and I am so excited! Finding your rhythm in first year can always be challenging but PASS is here to support you through your journey! Don’t be shy and feel free to stop by the office anytime! Welcome to Queen’s!

Isabella Honess 

Hey everyone! My name is Isabella and I’m going into my fourth year at Queen’s as a biology major. I can usually be found studying in Biosci, buying excessive amounts of CoGro cake, or volunteering on campus and around Kingston. I’m from Calgary, Alberta but have also lived in England and Bermuda so I’m very familiar with the stress of moving somewhere new and being far away from home. I hope to be able to use these experiences to help others through the transition that many first year’s face when coming to university! This is my first time as a PASS Advisor and I’m excited to be able to provide help in navigating the whirlwind that is first year. It may seem overwhelming and scary to begin with but there are so many resources on campus including PASS that are available to make that transition as easy and as stress-free as possible!

Jenn McNeil 

Hey Everyone! My name is Jenn, and I’m entering my 4th year as a psychology major working to complete my Certificate in Business. I am originally from London but am happy to call Kingston my second home. Aside from PASS you may find me serving at Queen’s Pub, TA’ing PSYC100, or working in the Autism Spectrum Disorder lab. I enjoy listening to podcasts and going to yoga to unwind and have a pretty impressive David’s Tea collection. First year can come with some challenges and may be overwhelming at times, so don’t hesitate to stop by PASS with any questions or concerns or if you just want to chat! I am so excited to meet you all and am looking forward to helping you with your transition into the Queen’s community!

Celine Tsai 

Hey everyone! My name is Celine and I will be going into my second year as a Life Science major. This will be my first year as a PASS advisor, and I am beyond excited to meet you all and welcome you to the Queen’s community! When not busy studying, you can find me fundraising and granting wishes with Queen’s Students for Wishes, doing slam poetry, and scrolling on dog Instagram accounts. First year can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but PASS is here to guide you and help make your transition from high school to university as smooth as possible, so come swing by- our door is always open!

Chloe Hong 

Hey everyone! My name is Yixin, and you can also call me Chloe. I am going into my second year of concurrent education with a major in Economics. I am from the southern part of China. This will be my first year being as a PASS advisor, and I could not be more excited to help you transition into first year. I know that the beginning of university life might be tough, especially for international students who come here alone, but there are so many people who are around to help. I received many help in my first year, which makes Queen’s as my second home in Canada. Please do not hesitate to stop by Dunning if you have any concerns. Look forward to meeting all of you!

Jacob Graham 

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Graham and this is my first year as a peer advisor. I am going into my second year at Queen's, pursuing a major in life sciences. When I'm not in Kingston, I am back in Calgary enjoying time with friends, water sports, and skiing. Although I love Kingston, I am always missing my two dogs, Radar and Anya. I'm super excited to join the PASS team and work with everyone in the coming year.

Julia McDonell 

Hello everybody! My name is Julia McDonell and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in English. I am on an internship with the Faculty of Arts and Science as the Marketing and Student Support Intern. Outside PASS, I volunteer with Read for Fun, the Kingston Library, and work at the Isabel Bader Centre. I know how crazy first year is so I hope you come by Dunning Hall and come chat as my door is always open!

Emma Graves 

Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I am currently a third-year student in the biology and psychology specialization. I am so excited to start my first year as a Peer Advisor. Besides being a PASS advisor, I also volunteer as a QSuccess mentor and for the Queen's Blood Team. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading, and spending time with friends. I can't wait to meet everyone this year!

Bria Crosby 

Hi everyone, my name is Bria and I am a 4th year student majoring in History and minoring in Global Development Studies. I’m originally from Maine and when I’m not at school I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and pretty much anything else outdoors. I am a volunteer at the Queen’s Archives currently and in the past few years I’ve worked at the Murney Tower Museum, completed a research internship for the Kingston Historical Society, and mentored students for the History DSC. I recommend volunteering and getting involved with the Kingston community through your individual interests because it’s a great way to meet new friends, build your resume, and gain relevant experience. Please come by if you have any questions or just want to chat, I look forward to meeting all of you!

Jacqui Higgins 

Hey everyone! My name is Jacqui and I am a 2nd year Chemistry major. I am combining chemistry with a certificate in business. This is my first year being a PASS advisor and I could not be more excited. I am originally from Ottawa but after spending my first year at Queens, I am happy to call Kingston home. When I am not pursing my academics at Queens, I enjoy volunteering with various clubs, playing squash and highland dancing. If there is any way I can help with your transition to Queens, do not hesitate to stop by the PASS office!

Sarah Mallen 

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I am a second year Health Studies major with hopes of pursuing a future career in healthcare. I am a Kingston native and I am glad to say I chose to stay in Kingston to attend Queen’s. Outside of PASS, I volunteer with Queen’s Health Outreach as a policy co-ordinator after previously finishing up initiative in Guyana this past June. I can also be seen working as a barista in downtown Kingston, running, and experimenting in the kitchen (with questionable results). First year is tough, in more ways the one - there’s no doubt about it. PASS is an incredible resource that I was definitely glad I used in first year, and I’m excited to carry on as an advisor. Please come by with any and all questions, we are here to help make first year a smooth and enjoyable transition!

Hareer Al-Qaragolie 

Hey Everyone! My name is Hareer and I am a fourth year majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. I’m from Amman, Jordan. For those who don’t know, it is in the Middle East. In that case, I know what it’s like to be homesick and find it challenging to adapt into a whole new place. My interests revolve around fashion, visual arts, advocating for mental health, literature, journalism and art history. You’ll see me around the Peer Support Center, The Writing Center, and online contributing + layout designing for MUSE Magazine on campus. This will be my second year at PASS and I am here to give my all as a peer advisor to help you have a smooth year. Please feel free to drop by the office with any concerns or questions you have, looking forward to meeting all of you!

Sasha Main 

Hi everyone! My name is Sasha and I'm in my fourth year of studying BioMath. When I started at Queen's I had absolutely no idea what the BioMath program was and didn't have a clue what I wanted to major in. I'm so excited to help all of you find your passion and navigate everything Queen's has to offer. When not at PASS, I can consistently be found studying away on the first floor of Stauffer while eating chocolate chips. I'm also involved in Society for Conservation Biology, Queen's Blood Team, and a dedicated intramural inner tube water polo player. If you have any questions, small or large, feel free to stop by PASS anytime. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and making the best of your Queen's experience!

CeCe Li 

Hi everyone! My name is CeCe and I am so excited to be a part of the PASS team! I am a third year Psychology major and I am also working towards completing Concurrent Education with teachables in Geography and English. Aside from PASS, I can be found working behind the residence front desks or working alongside the Intersectionality subcommittee of MHAC. I have always been super passionate about mental health and my academics, so I know how one can really impact the other especially in first year. Please do not hesitate to drop by if you have any academic questions, or even if you just want to talk! The door is always open and I would be more than happy to help you through your transition to university. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Fiona McKay 

Hi everyone! My name is Fiona McKay and I am a fourth year student majoring in Life Science. I’ve recently added the Smith Certificate in Business and have loved pursuing both my science and business interests while at school! Throughout my time at Queen’s, I’ve been a part of Friends of MSF, Operation Smile, and am looking forward to being a member of the Life Science DSC for my final year. Being involved has been a highlight of my experience so far and recommend that everyone give something a try! I know that first year can be confusing and maybe overwhelming at times, but there are always people out there to help. I hope you stop by Dunning Hall whenever you have a question, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all this year!

Emma Ilyaz 

Hello everyone! My name is Emma Ilyaz, and I am in my fourth year, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This is my second year as an advisor for first years, and I'm from Toronto, Ontario. This year I will be the Judicial Affairs Manager for the AMS, as well as a campus tour guide. I also enjoy volunteering with various community organizations in my spare time. I have really found a home on this campus, and I am beyond excited to chat with you all, and help you achieve your goals here!

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