Computing Day 4

Best video game - Time Flies By.

Computing Day 3

Best video game - Stellar Synergy.

Computing Day 2

Best art project - Resuscitation Rescue.

Computing Day 1

Best project - Textile Interfaces and User Experience (UX) of Tactile Interaction.

Cutting edge technology

The School of Computing in the Faculty of Arts and Science recently hosted its annual Creative Computing Showcase, a large-scale demonstration of different applications of computing as a discipline, spanning from design to environmental and medical applications of technology.

Fifty-five teams of computing students presented their technological artwork, video games, and research projects. Some of the video game demos from the showcase are available on the School of Computing Twitch channel.

The winning teams were:

  • Best project - Joelle Lintag, Bianca Bucchino, Dallas Doherty, Molly Stewart, Sydney Shereck for project Textile Interfaces and User Experience (UX) of Tactile Interaction
  • Best art project - Dayna Corman ,Adam Sun, Maya Pejatta, Christine Ma for project Resuscitation Rescue
  • Best video game - Osamudiamen Adun, Stefan D’Ippolito, Rebecca De Venezia, Daniel Madan, Jayden Ting  for project Stellar Synergy and Amanda Li, Alyssa Zhao, Savannah Han, Cynthia Wang, Kristen Lee for project Time Flies By 

"After guiding the students through the development process for the past four months, it's really exciting to see the projects finally come to life. Some of the students have done amazing work," says Assistant Professor Carolyn Lamb. "I think this is a really valuable experience for the students, too. They do playtests with a few people as part of their coursework, but the experience of demoing the game for the public is very different and I've heard many of them exclaiming over how much more they've learned from encountering this wider audience."