Re-introduction of the Invasive Species Act

Sophie Kiwala, M.P.P. for Kingston and the Islands would like to invite all Queen's students to join her for the announcement of the re-introduction of the Invasive Species Act on Friday, November 7th at 11:30am in Room 3110 of Queen's Bioscience Complex, 116 Barrie Street.

Invasive species such as zebra mussels and phragmites cost the province tens of millions of dollars a year. Others not yet in Ontario, such as Asian carp and the mountain pine beetle, are serious ecological and economic threats.

The proposed legislation will help support the prevention, early detection, rapid response and eradication of invasive species in the province. If the bill is passed, Ontario will be the only jurisdiction in Canada with stand-alone invasive species legislation.

At this session, Ms. Kiwala would be happy to hear student feedback on the legislation and the issue and answer any questions students may have. 

What: Invasive Species Act announcement and discussion
When: Friday, Nov. 7th at 11:30AM
Where: Room 3110 of Queen's Bioscience Complex, 116 Barrie Street