The Dean's Advisory Board

The new Dean's Advisory Board. Top row (l to r): Norman Musengimana, KP Anand, Erica McIlquham. Second row from top (l to r): Navaid Farooq, Darlene Lim, Marc Wayne. Third row from top (l to r): Harneet Panesar, J. Kim Fennell, Dan Weber, Rich Stephenson, Matthew Handford. Fourth row from top (l to r): Dean Barbara Crow, Kimberly Morris, Rick Mangat, Katherine Keep. Bottom row (l to r): Paolo Berard, Patrick Spence, PJ Lee.

Relaunch of new Dean’s Advisory Board announced

Faculty of Arts and Science Dean Barbara Crow and the Faculty’s Advancement Team have introduced an exciting evolution – the Dean’s Advisory Board (DAB). Three dynamic Advisory Committees will structure the new Board.

“The new Board features a group of dedicated individuals in the Queen’s Arts and Science network who have chosen to give back by sharing their educational background, and expertise through collaborative discussion and action, in alignment with the priorities of the university and FAS,” says Dean Crow. “The Board’s mission is to accelerate FAS priorities that have an immediate impact on advancing our research and the student experience in the Faculty of Arts and Science. I am excited to work with the new group and also grateful for the hard work and dedication of the members of the former Dean’s Advisory Council.”

The Board’s three Advisory Committees will enhance the Faculty’s strategic goals and initiatives:  

  • Research and Sustainability: This group will advance our research endeavours and foster sustainability practices.
  • Global Impact and Innovation: This group will focus on expanding our global reach and driving innovation across our academic programs.  
  • Community and Wellness: This group will address the critical aspects of community engagement and student wellness.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to continue working with Dean Crow on this re-formatted Advisory Board,” says board member J. Kim Fennell (Arts ‘79). “I’ve seen first-hand how Barbara constantly looks for fresh ideas from across a wide spectrum of sources to seek ways to move Queen’s forward, and not just maintain the status quo. As a third-generation Queen’s ArtSci grad with past Outer Council and Queen’s Journal ties, and 40 years working in Silicon Valley, I’m keen to work on new innovative strategies with this group. I am confident we can help Dean Crow and her team make the Faculty of Arts and Science one of the most rewarding places, globally, to get an educational experience.”

Board members will demonstrate their volunteer leadership as advocates, ambassadors, mentors and philanthropic supporters.

"I am interested in joining the board due to my admiration for Queen’s University and its Faculty of Arts and Science,” says Harneet Panesar, COO of the Ontario Energy Board. “Although I am not an alum, my strong connection to the institution is rooted in my experience in both industry and education. Being deeply committed to fostering strong academic institutions in Ontario to build a robust future, I am enthusiastic about contributing to Queen’s development and success."

To learn more about the Dean’s Advisory Board’s three priority areas and the sub-committees, visit the Sustainability and Research webpage, the Community and Wellness webpage, and the Global Impact and Innovation webpage.