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Supporting staff’s learning and development

The Faculty of Arts and Science provides support to its people through its Learning & Development Fund, which is for staff who choose to build new skills and develop in their current or future roles. 

In the 2022-23 fiscal year, the fund provided $33,646 to 56 successful applicants. The program’s applicants participated in a number of programs including a greenhouse management workshop, Process Management course through Excellence Canada, and a subscription for Coursera, a U.S.-based massive open online course provider. 

Jeff Leach, Learning Management System Specialist, Arts and Science Online, took two courses on edX: HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals & HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices and is also pursuing the eLearning Developer program at Durham College. 

“I do not believe this training would have been possible without funding from the L&D fund,” Leach says. “This fund has prompted me to think about training opportunities I could do that would benefit me both professionally and personally. Also, with the high cost of living and inflation, having the financial support of the L&D fund has allowed me to take training that may not have otherwise been within my budget.” 

Leach also participated in the Online Indigenous Canada Course via University of Alberta along with eight members of the ASO team. 

“I can’t speak to the value of this course for the other ASO members that participated but I learned a lot about the history of Indigenous-settler relations,” he says. “There was a lot I was unaware of and had not been taught in school. It just really helped me gain a deeper understanding of the importance and appreciation of Truth and Reconciliation.” 

Through the Faculty of Arts & Science Learning & Development Fund support, Psychology Department Manager Sarah Indewey attended the 3x4 Coaching Program offered in partnership with the Queen’s Foundational Leadership Alumni Group (FLAG) and Third Factor.  
“As a Departmental Manager, my job is to achieve the strategic goals of the Department and of FAS through the management of people and physical resources,” Indewey explains. “Part of the FAS Strategic Plan is to build and sustain healthy learning and working environments that foster community, mental health and well-being. Thanks to the support of the L&D fund, I was able to commit to this four-week intensive program and subsequently share the resources and information broadly with colleagues. 3x4 Coaching provided me with skills to create a departmental environment for people to grow and develop – no matter what their role might be.” 

Both Indewey and Leach agree that, for anyone interested, they should apply for funding for programs, certificates, and courses that interest them. 

“The Faculty of Arts & Science Learning & Development Fund offers an opportunity to explore training to advance your career goals, support strategic planning, and increase the overall strength and capacity of our organization,” Indewey says. “The request process is straightforward and efficient and worth the effort to invest in your own professional development goals.”  

Visit the Learning & Development Fund website to learn more. First-round applications are due October 18, 2023.