Continuous Improvement Review Process for COVID Response

In the fall of 2020 Dr. Wendy Craig (Psychology) began to probe the impact of Covid-19 on the Faculty of Arts and Science community. Through a series of ThoughtExchanges she gathered insights into the ways in which the pandemic was changing people’s lives and challenging the norms of just one year ago.

The result of that research was the Continuous Improvement Review for COVID Response which the Faculty of Arts and Science and Queen’s University will use as a template to address the challenges of the pandemic. A first of its kind at Queen’s, the research can also benefit other faculties or other post-secondary institutions.

During a series of seven ThoughtExchanges, Dr. Craig focused on the main question of “How could Queen’s University provide better support during the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Eight main themes emerged from the responses of staff, faculty, and students:

  • Mental health
  • Communication
  • Too high expectations
  • Recognition and value of work
  • Equity
  • Connectedness and community
  • Operational considerations
  • Access to university for work, research, and recreation
Continuous Improvement Review Process for Covid Response Infographic


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