The Board of Studies is the final appeal in the Faculty of Arts and Science for students' appeals of incomplete grades, final grades, requirements to withdraw and other decisions determined by the Associate Dean (Academic).

Who is on the Board?

The Board membership consists of

  • three students
  • nine faculty members from a cross-section of Arts and Science departments

All Board hearings shall be heard by four members, one of whom in normally a student. Members who are close to the case, or for other reasons need to declare a conflict of interest, will not be in attendance.

  • a secretary to the Board and
  • an informational officer from the Arts and Science Student Services Office.

The Associate Dean (Academic) is not a member of the Board but will attend when a student chooses to appear before the Board. The Associate Dean (Academic) is there to clarify specific aspects of his or her decision and to speak to the larger context of the decision within the Faculty of Arts and Science policies, regulations and practices.

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