Student Counts


Hands-on Introduction to ASC Dashboards in Tableau for Queen's Faculty and Staff, with access to Tableau files on Queen's Active Directory:

  • Coming Soon! March 2019

Each session is scheduled for 2 hours, but usually last about 1.5 hrs. (You only need to attend one session!)

Email Lydia and at to register - or also if your Department would like your own session!

Reports for Arts and Science Departments

Requests to access detailed Tableau visualizations should be made via ASC Department Heads, to Lydia Scholle-Cotton, at

Additional Reports

  • Summary Report for ASC Departments - Student Counts by Department, FTE for undergrad, grad and distance teaching, undergraduate and graduate plan counts by plan type, 2 fiscal years. Report in PDF, latest version linked from Tableau vizzes.
  • Summary of Degrees Granted in ASC Concentrations, linked from Degrees Granted Tableau viz.
  • Other Queen's Reports

Tableau in Education

University sites with Tableau

 Education & Tableau

Tableau is Free for Students and Instructors!

See for more information!

How to access Tableau Server

Tableau Server may be accessed by logging in to

You need to be on the Queen's network, or logged on to Queen's using VPN to access the Tableau Server!


Landing pages for you to bookmark:

To request access, please email


Note: To access Tableau Server, you need to be logged on to the Queen's Network; if you are off campus, you need to connect to launch the Queen's VPN Client (Cicsco VPN).


Thanks to Queen's Centre for Advanced Computing for hosting!!