ASC Reporting

Faculty of Arts & Science Student Reporting

The Faculty of Arts and Science has several Tableau Dashboards developed in order to help administrators navigate student data. 

Please send all request for access and/or questions directly to

  • Hands on training on how to navigate the dashboards are typically 1 - 2 hours, can be in groups or individually.
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University sites with Tableau

 Education & Tableau


Faculty of Arts and Science Dean’s Office

 Associate Deans – all access to dashboards

 Key Administrative Staff – approved on a as needed bases

Departmental Administrative Offices

Departmental Chairs – all access to key departmental dashboards

Below groupings granted access as per the approval of the Departmental Chair and assuming that the person already has access to the student information software at Queen’s.

    • Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinators (Faculty members)
    • Key administrative staff members

Non-Arts and Science Staff and Faculty members

Staff and faculty members not within the Faculty of Arts and Science may be granted access to the Faculty of Arts and Science’s dashboard on an as needed base.  This access will need to be approved by Faculty of Arts and Science Dean’s Office. 

Please send all request to:


The reports that are available via the ASC Tableau Dashboards do not contain identifying information and only display aggregated data.  However, when sharing information (from these reports OR from Queen's PeopleSoft ‘SOLUS’) ALWAYS take care to follow the data sharing rules as outlined by the Records Management and Privacy Office as well as the ITS Mass Email Communication Policy when contacting students, faculty, and staff.