Strategic Planning in our Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Science is embarking on a strategic planning exercise building on the successes of the Faculty and, based on input from students, faculty, staff, and the Dean’s Council, to facilitate a common vision and a strategic plan we can all work towards – together.

The Strategic Plan will articulate a common vision of what success for the Faculty of Arts and Science looks like five years from now, and identify what the Faculty needs to focus on for the next three years to get there

For questions related to the process please contact: Heather Woermke, Executive Director of Finance and Operations of Arts and Science at

Timeline & Consultation Notes

The proposed timeline for the Strategic Plan is presented below.  This is a guideline only, and may need to be adjusted based on input and feedback received from the community.

October 2018
  • Working Group established
  • Communications / Invitation to in-person sessions delivered faculty wide (poster / email)
  • Webpage launched
  • Presentations
    • Faculty Board, October 19 [slides]
  • Written submission for organizations open (form)
November 2018
  • Workgroup Meeting #1: November 2
  • Presentations
    • ASUS, November 1 [slides]
    • Dean's Council, November 2 [slides]
    • DSC Assembly, November 14 [slides]
    • SGPS Assembly, November 27 [slides]
  • Consultation sessions - Students, Staff, and Faculty (see below)
  • Faculty Office Consultation
  • Written submissions for individuals opened
December 2018
  • Consultation session - Graduate Students / Faculty members (see below)
  • Committee of Departments Consultation
  • Dean's Council Consultation
January 2019
  • Working Group meetings (January 21, 28)
  • Online Survey closed (January 11)
February 2019
March 2019
April 2019
  • Final Strategic Plan presented to Faculty Board (April 5)

Working Group

The Strategic Planning Working Group consists of 1 faculty member from each cognate as elected by the cognate faculty members, 1 staff representative, the Dean, the Vice-Dean, an undergraduate student representative, and a graduate student representative. The working group will focus what questions will be asked during the process, reviewing and analyzing the data collected through the consultations and survey, and in collaboration with the Dean’s office staff, draft the final strategic plan for approval at Faculty Board.

The Working Group Members are:

Barbara Crow, Dean (Chair)
Gordon Smith, Vice-Dean
Marc Dignam, Science representative
Christine Sypnowich, Humanities representative
Marcus Taylor, Social Sciences representative
Zsuzsa Csergo, Social Sciences representative
Heather Drouillard, Staff representative
Leo Erlikhman, SGPS representative
Sagal Sharma, ASUS representative
Erik Lockhart (Facilitator, Smith School of Business)

Working Group Meetings:
DateTimeMeetings Objectives
November 2 Initial Meeting
January 219:00-12:00Vision and Priorities for FAS
January 281:00-4:00Developing Strategies
February 19:00-12:00Measuring our Success, Review Draft Presentation to Faculty Board
February 189:00-11:00Review of Draft Document
March 49:00-11:00Second Review of Draft Document
March 119:00-11:00Final Review of Document
The Purpose of the Strategic Planning Working Group:

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG) is to develop, on behalf of and in consultation/collaboration with all at the Faculty of Arts and Science, a 2019-2022 strategic plan for the Faculty. In doing so, the SPWG will look to build upon the University’s mission and vision, as well as identify key strategic goals and actions that the Faculty should focus on, at a Faculty-wide level, over the next 3 years.

Role of All SPWG Members:
  • Champion the strategic planning process
  • Be objective and take a faculty-wide view of issues being discussed
  • Be effective communicators
  • Read meeting material before attending the meetings to ensure that the committee can have full and informed discussion of agenda items
  • Discuss, comment, and provide input on draft documents presented at SPWG meetings and via email outside of the meetings
  • Participate in consultation events/activities on drafts of the strategic plan
Role of the SPWG Chair:
  • Be impartial and support an equal and fair consideration of all items and opposing views
  • Flexibly lead the committee through its meeting agendas
  • Act as the working group’s lead spokesperson and lead presenter for consultation events/activities.
Role of SPWG Facilitator and Support Staff:
  • The SPWG facilitator is Erik Lockhart (Smith School of Business). The role of the SPWG Facilitator and the support staff, is to support the SPWG in its work and ensure that progress is kept on track.