Cultural Studies

Its researchers theorize the forces that shape the lived reality of people in the 21st century. Drawing on a range of practices, Cultural Studies researchers investigate values, beliefs and belongings, cultural processes and cultural objects, economic and social relations, institutions and identities.

Cultural Studies is an emphatically interdisciplinary area of inquiry that intersects the humanities, science studies, the social sciences and the arts. What distinguishes Cultural Studies from other approaches to the study of culture is:

  1. its recognition that no single disciplinary approach can get at the complexity of cultural forms and
  2. its emphasis on power, social justice and social change.

Necessarily self-reflexive, Cultural Studies draws on a range of methods and critical theories. It offers opportunities to break down conventional divisions between academia and activism, between theoretical critique and cultural production.

Comprising 85 distinguished faculty from 21 disciplines to offer an innovative program at the MA and PhD levels that includes opportunities for cultural production and community-activist fieldwork, Cultural Studies at Queen's is committed to a diversity of students and faculty and to the global expertise that they bring to the cultural and academic fields.

Mackintosh-Corry Hall
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Jeff Brison
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Carrie Miles
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Laura Murray
Graduate Degree Options

Cultural Studies - PhD
Cultural Studies - MA (Thesis)
Cultural Studies - MA (Course-Based)