Progress Reports

Below are the Cyclical Program Review Progress Reports organized by year of original review. Progress Reports support continuous improvement by following up on  implementation of reviewer recommendations.

Note: Prior to the 2017-2018 review year, only 1-year progress reports were required.

2018-19 Review Year
Classics (18 month)
2017-18 Review Year
Biology and Biotechnology (4 year)
Chemical Engineering (4 year)
Civil Engineering (4 year)
Employment Relations (4 year)
Mining Engineering (4 year)
Mathematics and Statistics (4 year)
2016-17 Review Year
Chemistry (1 year) 
Economics (1 year) 
Music (1 year) 
Undergraduate Medical Education (1 year) 
2015-16 Review Year
Cultural Studies (1 year) 
Electrical and Computer Engineering (1 year) 
Mechanical and Material Engineering (1 year) 
Environmental Studies (1 year) 
Faculty of Law (1 year) 
Fine Art (1 year) 
Geography and Urban Planning (1 year) 
Global Development Studies (1 year) 
Jewish Studies and Medieval Studies (1 year) 
Political Studies (1 year) 
2014-15 Review Year
Film and Media (1 year)
Gender Studies and Women Studies (1 year)
Art History and Art Conservation (1 year) (4 year)
History, Medieval and Jewish Studies (1 year)
Languages, Literatures and Cultures (1 year)
Neuroscience (1 year)
Physics (1 year)
School of Business (1 year)
School of Computing (1 year)
School of Kinesiology & Health Studies (1 year)
School of Rehabilitation Therapy (1 year)
Sociology (1 year)
2013-14 Review Year
Cancer Research/Pathology (1 year) 
Life Sciences and Biochemistry (1 year) 
Public Health Sciences (1 year) 
School of Religion (1 year) 
Drama (1 year)
Smith School of Business (1 year) 
2012-13 Review Year
Education (1 year)
French Studies (1 year)
Professional Master and Master of Public Administration Programs (1 year)
English Language and Literature (1 year)
School of Nursing (1 year)
2011-12 Review Year
Classics (1 year)