Changes to your Program, Plan or Certificate

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and you have to adjust. The most important thing is to stay on track during your transition - this will help make sure you have a smooth transition.

You will need your NetID and Password in order to login and change your Plan.

The Change of Plan period is May 16-27 & June 13-July 1.

Please note the following plans are at capacity and no longer accepting plan change requests:

HLTH major, HLTH medial/joint honours, HLTH minors (for 3rd and 4th year students)

FILM major, FILM medial/joint honours, MAPP, COFI

PSYC major, minor

If you wish to request a change to your Program/Plan you must submit a request here between May 16-27 and June 13-July 1. If your request is approved, your Program/Plan will be changed and you will be notified by email to your email account.

Students should note that admission to some Plans is highly competitive and may require specific prerequisites. If you do change your Plan, it may also require more than four years to complete a degree as you may need to complete key courses or prerequisites. It is highly recommended that students who wish to change Plans contact the Department concerned to seek academic advice.

For more information on degree programs offered in Arts and Science, please visit Degrees at a Glance.

DO NOT request a Change of Program/Plan through this process if you are:

  • a Dual or Second Degree student. Such students should seek advice from Undergraduate Admission;
  • an upper year student who would like to drop the Minor component of your Plan. Students who wish to drop their Minor Plan should send an email to with their name, student number, and any other pertinent information


  1. You may only submit one change of program/plan request.
  2. It is extremely important that you indicate your correct "current" program and plan.  If you do not, your request may not be sent to the proper department for decision-making.
  3. Please note, that the academic thresholds posted are not applicable to upper-year students wishing to change their plan.  All upper-year student change of plan requests are pending departmental approval which may or may not reflect the thresholds below.

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is now offering a Major and Joint Honours Plan options in Indigenous Studies. Both program options will be available for Plan Selection in 2021.

These Plans will give both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Indigenous history and culture, to ensure that future leaders and policymakers have a solid foundation in the histories of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. Students expand their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, while developing professional skills such as innovative Indigenous approaches to learning and research to work with Aboriginal communities.

Learn more about the new plan options from Professor Nathan Brinklow or visit


For each course, there are two drop deadlines of which you should be aware. The first deadline is the date the course must be dropped on SOLUS to receive a full refund of the course fee (this is called the Financial Drop deadline). The second deadline is the last date to be able to drop the course on SOLUS (this is the Academic Drop Deadline); once this deadline has passed, you will not be able to drop the course. If you drop a course after the Financial deadline but before the Academic deadline, you will receive a partial refund; the earlier the date, the more the refund. Contact the Office of the University Registrar for details on fee refunds. See our Important Dates Calendar for both dates >

Adding a Course After the Last Official Date

Students wishing to add a course(s) after the last official published date for adding course(s) may appeal to the Associate Dean (Academic) to be granted permission to add the course(s). Students may not attend the desired course(s) unless and until the appeal to add the course is approved by the Associate Dean (Academic). Academic Regulation 6.1 states that a student "must be registered in a class(es) to be eligible to attend or otherwise participate in lectures, laboratories, tutorials, tests and examinations associated with the class(es)."

See Appeal Regulations Section 3 for more information on appealing matters other than those related to Academic Integrity.

The following material must be included as a part of the appeal:

  • Submit an online Appeal
  • A letter of explanation clearly demonstrating the significant extenuating circumstances, beyond the student’s control, which prevented him or her from adding the course(s) by the published deadlines.
  • Written support from the course instructor and Undergraduate Chair from department offering the course that documents that both are aware of the student’s wish to add the course(s) late and that they do not expect that the student will have difficulty in catching up on missed materials. The course instructor and Undergraduate Chair may e-mail their statements to
  • Supporting documentation/letter from an appropriate professional that clearly indicates ways in which the extenuating circumstances directly affected the student’s ability to add the course(s) during the published deadlines. Students are advised to submit an Off-campus Physician's Note [PDF] if requesting support from a medical professional outside of Health, Counselling and Disability Services.

TIME LIMIT: An appeal to add a course must be submitted to the Arts and Science Faculty Office within 21 calendar days of the first day in which the course is offered.

Dropping a Course After the Last Official Date

Students wishing to drop a course(s) after the last official published date for dropping course(s) may appeal to the Associate Dean (Academic) to be granted permission to drop the course(s). Note that courses in which a student has received a passing grade may not be dropped. Instead students should consider an appeal for CR standing (see Academic Regulation 10.2.2).  For more information about Absence and Missed Course Work, see Academic Regulation 6.3).

A Note on Extenuating Circumstances and Late Course Drops:
The Associate Dean (Academic) will grant appeals where extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control have prevented a student from dropping a course within the published deadline. The following examples illustrate what is or is not considered an extenuating circumstance for dropping a course or courses:

Circumstances not beyond a student's control include the following:
NO = You are an upper-year student and you have not received any type of verbal or written feedback concerning your performance in the course prior to the drop deadline.
= You have over-committed yourself by taking on additional work shifts, running for election, serving on student government or other committees, etc.
NO = You are ill earlier in the term (but not in the week or so preceding the deadline).

Extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control include the following:

YES = You or a family member suddenly became quite ill (near the deadline date), or have (has) been ill over a lengthy period of time making it impossible to continue your studies.
YES = You are in university for the first time and have not received any type of verbal or written feedback concerning your performance in the course prior to the drop deadline.
YES = You have suddenly developed a serious personal problem which is consuming much of your time and energy making it impossible to continue your studies.


Students may wish to take time away from school for a variety of reasons. If you make this decision before you have registered in the upcoming academic session, there are no forms to fill out to do this; you simply do not participate in the registration process. However, note that if you are in receipt of a scholarship or bursary, you may wish to speak to Student Awards to arrange a deferral of the funding until you return.  If you have participated in the course selection period in July but not yet made your tuition payment, you are still required to drop your courses.  These courses are considered active so tuition charges will apply and they will appear on your transcript with a failing grade, if abandoned.

There are times when a leave of absence from studies is unplanned. If, during the academic session, an illness or other extenuating circumstances will prevent you from attending class, attending an exam, or handing in an assignment, you must contact your instructor(s) and teaching assistants directly to make alternative arrangements. You should speak to an academic advisor in the Faculty of Arts and Science Student Services Office if you will need to be absent from your studies for a long period of time, or over a significant period of the academic session, such as midterms or final exams. Make sure to obtain doctors' notes or other relevant supporting documentation to verify that the time you are taking away from your studies is indeed medically necessary. Your instructors may wish to see your doctor's note upon your return, and it is within their rights to require you to provide that documentation.

If you have a parent or other representative call on your behalf, remember that they will not be able to discuss your academic or financial information with the University unless you have specifically designated access rights to them on your SOLUS account.

If you are away from your studies for an entire academic session or more, and have not attended another post-secondary institution during your time away, please notify the Faculty of Arts and Science Office by submitting a Return to Studies Form when you are ready to take classes again. No matter how long your leave of absence may be, you can resume your studies. However, along with all students registering in the academic session in which you wish to return, your record must be academically competitive and meet departmental requirements for proceeding in your concentration for that session.

Remember that you need to receive a Letter of Permission from the Faculty in order to take any courses at another post-secondary institution while you are away from Queen's. For more information download the PDF application for a Letter of Permission to take courses at a Canadian university or college. For international institutions, click here. Taking courses elsewhere without a Letter of Permission can jeopardize your status as an admitted student at Queen's.


Students who were admitted to the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Honours) -- Kinesiology Specialization or the Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art) were registered in the appropriate Plan(s) when admitted to the Faculty.  Unless you want to change your Plan, you need not take any further action. To transfer to or from one of these Plans, follow the advice on the links below:


A selected number of departments also offer the opportunities for students to receive a specialized Certificate, in addition to their degree.

Click here to learn more about Certificates in Arts and Science.

If you wish to add a certificate, please email and we will add the certificate for you. Be sure to include your student number and the certificate that you wish to add. All emails sent to us must be from your Queen’s email account.

Thank You for your interest in an Arts and Science Certificate!