A summary of the changes made to the WebPublish Basic Service on October 6, 2020.

New features

New content type

Homepage: The new “Homepage” content type is designed to address style elements that are specific to a homepage. This content type allows you to:

  • Hide the page Title from the body of the page. On other pages, the Title field is also the h1 at the top of the page. This homepage option, combined with the ability to edit the Title in the metatags allows some flexibility for the homepage display.
  • Add site-specific branding, such as a logo, description and quotation, using a new Site Branding paragraph.

Once you’ve created your new homepage, you’ll need to submit a request to have ITServices configure it as your homepage.

New modules

The following new modules are now available (enabled by default):

  • Metatag: Allows you to automatically provide structured metadata or "meta tags" about a website 

  • Redirect: Provides the ability to create manual redirects 

  • Mathjax: Integrates the Mathjax library

  • Sa11y: evaluate your site’s accessibility using the Sa11y module (if desired, this block can be turned off)

  • Cookie Disclosure: visitors to live sites will be prompted with a cookie disclosure message


  • Events: We’ve made improvements to how individual events are displayed

  • Two-column paragraph: we’ve introduced a Title and Body field for this paragraph type

  • Favicon: We’ve updated the favicon


  • Anchors: Each paragraph container now offers an Anchor ID field – though optional, this feature addresses issues users experienced with anchor links and will ensure that links to anchors navigate users to the appropriate section of the page

  • Paragraph spacing: We’ve addressed the issue where excess space was appearing above columns paragraphs with no top-level title or body.

  • File Extensions: we’ve reviewed the file extensions and resolved an issue so that Excel and Zip files are now allowed

  • Adding a link: We’ve resolved an issue involving a popup that appeared when editing a link.   

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