Two Column Video/Audio Embed

View the example page to see this paragraph-type in action.

Two Column Video/Audio Embed Example

Guidelines for use

  1. This paragraph is always used at 100% of the page container (not the browser window)

  1. Upload your video content to your desired streaming platform. IT Services offers a centrally offered Streaming service (Ensemble Video) that is available to all faculty and staff members on campus. Find more information on Streaming Services.

Use the video/audio embed paragraph when you wish to display video or audio content alongside text on your site. 


The left column will be displayed first.

How to implement

  1. Create any type of page.

  2. From the bottom of the page, click the paragraph dropdown and choose "Two Column Video/Audio Embed"
    screenshot of above step

  3. Proceed to the Overview of a Two Column Video/Audio Embed section of this page

  4. Once you've added your content, choose your publishing options and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Overview of a Two Column Video/Audio Embed

screenshot of description below


  1. Click and drag the crosshairs handle to rearrange your paragraphs.
  2. Remove this entire paragraph.
  3. (Optional) Anchor ID - add a unique anchor ID if you'd like to link to this specific section of the page from another location
  4. (Optional) Title - this title appears centred above the video content
  5. Grey Background Toggle - if this option is unchecked, the divider will appear on a white background. If it is checked, it will appear with a grey background. Only use the grey background if you are adding a divider between two paragraphs that also use a grey background.
  6. (Optional) Audio embed - check this box to embed audio
  7. Column Body - the content beside the video
  8. Video Column - the column in which the video will appear
  9. Video/audio - this field references the video that you'd like to embed. The video will need to be hosted on one of the following applications: YouTube, Vimeo, or the Queen's Streaming Service (Ensemble or Panopto). Follow the screen tips to ensure the proper URL/formatting is used for the URL.
  10. (Optional) Caption: provide a description or contextual information about the video. It will appear left-aligned below the video.
  11. (Optional) Video/audio credit: provide information about who created the image. It will appear right-aligned below the video.