Site Regions and Blocks

This section provides an overview of how the WebPublish 3.0 template is structured.

Site Regions

The layout of the WebPublish 3.0 template varies significantly from the WebPublish 2.0 theme. While WebPublish 2.0 used a boxed theme comprised of fixed regions, WebPublish 3.0 offers a full-width theme.

In earlier versions of WebPublish, users added main body content to a page and used blocks to add content to the other page regions. They are now encouraged to make use of the many full-width layouts available to present their content in a full-width format. This means that there are now 3 main regions in use:

  1. Navigation
  2. Content
  3. Footer


While blocks were used heavily for displaying content in WebPublish 2.0, they are much less common in the WebPublish 3.0 theme. Rather than creating block layouts, we recommend using the available page layouts to display your content. Visit our Paragraphs and Layouts tutorials to learn more.