Site Branding

The Site Branding paragraph is only available on the Homepage content type. It can be used to help distinguish your site from other websites at Queen's by including a logo, description or quotation. 

Site Branding Example

Guidelines for using this paragraph

  1. Follow the instructions for adding a Homepage
  2. In the Paragraph Top section of the page, click "Add Site Branding"
  3. See the Overview of Site Branding section of this guide below. 
  4. Once you've added your logo, description, quotation, as desired, click "Save"

For best results using this paragraph, the logo image should be a width of 260 px and height of 198 px.

Overview of Site Branding

Overview of site branding paragraph

  1. Click and drag the crosshairs handle to rearrange your paragraphs 
  2. Remove this entire paragraph
  3. Image - upload a logo image for the site branding. It's recommended you use the file browser rather than uploading your images directly to the paragraph. This way you can easily reuse images across your site
  4. Title - this text will appear as a heading above any branding description
  5. Branding Description - this text will appear as a block of text in your branding paragraph
  6. (Optional) Quote - add a quotation to be displayed
  7. (Optional) Use quote background - toggle this option on or off to have the contents of the Quote field surrounded by quotation marks