Academia Publications

  This paragraph is only available in the WebPublish for Academia service. 

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Publications Example

Guidelines for using this paragraph

This block is always used at 100% of the width of the page container (not the browser window)


Use this paragraph to display a list of your publications, including their publication dates and citations.

  1. Table row information stacks, instead of going horizontally across the screen.

How to use this paragraph

  1. Create a Basic Page
  2. Scroll to the Paragraphs section, click the drop-down arrow and select "Add Publications Container" 
    Publications container drop-down option
  3. When the paragraph loads, you will be at the bottom. Scroll back up to the top of the Paragraphs section.
  4. Review the Overview of a Publications Container section of the guide below
  5. Once you've added your publications, click "Save"

Overview of a Publications Container

Screenshot of publications paragraph fields

  1. Grab the crosshairs to rearrange the paragraph relative to the other content on your page
  2. Remove this paragraph from your page
  3. Anchor ID: optionally add an Anchor ID if you wish to link to this section of your page from another location on your site
  4. Title: The title will be styled as an H2 on the page and will introduce all your publications
  5. Body: optionally add a paragraph of text below your title to provide context for the publications the visitor will be viewing
  6. Grab the crosshairs to rearrange the paragraph categories. For example, if you would like one table of publications to appear above another, rearrange the publication categories
  7. Remove this category of publications from your page. Any publications added to this category will also be removed from the paragraph.
  8. Category: Add the text that describes the publication category. This will appear as an H3 just above the table of publications within this category
  9. Date Column Text: By default, the title of this column will be "Date". The column is intended to display the dates of your publications. You can optionally modify this text.
  10. By default, the heading for this column will be "Citations". Items in this column are intended to include your publication's citations/references. You can optionally modify this text.
  11. Grab the crosshairs to rearrange the order of the individual publications within your category.
  12. Remove this publication from your page/category 
  13. Date or Date Range: Add a single date or a date range for the publication(s). You can either have a single date/citation for each publication, or add a range of dates and include multiple publications for that range.
  14. Publication: Add the specific citation/reference inforrmation for this publication. While this field does not include a WYSIWYG editor, you can style the text by adding HTML tags directly to the text box (e.g., to bold text, use the <strong> tag. To italicize text, use the <em> tag. To link to a publication, use the <a href=""> tag.)
  15. Add another publication for this date or date range
  16. Add another date/publication combination to this category
  17. Add another publication category (i.e., a new table of publications of a different type)