About WebPublish

What is WebPublish?

WebPublish is Queen's centrally-supported content management system (CMS) for creating websites. It is a comprehensive solution for building and maintaining websites that are available to the public on the world wide web.

Why use WebPublish?

  • It's a free service.
  • It supports the university's goals of creating a unified and branded user experience across Queen's online presence.
  • WebPublish makes it easy to keep the Queen's "look and feel" while still creating a site that is unique.
  • Built-in styles and templates offer many layout options while maintaining a clean and professional look.
  • It's flexible. There are four tiers of service to choose from, depending on your needs and resources. No web developer skills are required to use the "Basic" and "Academia" service tiers. Customization by web developers is enabled in the "Custom" and "Advanced" service tiers.
  • Dedicated IT Services staff are available to answer support questions.
  • Documentation specific to the Queen's environment is provided.
  • The WebPublish CMS is compliant with visual identity, accessibility, privacy, and security requirements.

Who can use WebPublish?

  • any academic faculty, school, department, or program
  • research groups and labs
  • campus service units
  • some departmental and interdepartmental initiatives
  • individual faculty members for professional profiles
  • student groups and associations with a full-time faculty or staff sponsor 

The service tiers:


Get your site up and running quickly and easily with the Basic service. This service-level offers centrally-maintained templates and features, and several channels for user support.


Need to customize the look of your site? If you have a background in HTML and CSS, you can use the Custom service to customize your site's theming.


With great power comes great responsibility! The Advanced service offers complete control over your site: theme, modules and all. If you have a full-time web developer resource, this service may be for you.


The WebPublish for Academia service was designed with Faculty in mind. It is intended to provide active, retired and emeritus Faculty members with an option for hosting a professional website in the Queen's web environment. 

Usage guidelines

The usage guidelines outline your roles and responsibilities for maintaining Queen's-affiliated web content.

Get to know the WebPublish usage guidelines

Release notes

Curious about what's coming next for WebPublish? Visit our Release Notes page to see the most recent updates to the tool.

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Emergency communications

University-wide emergency messaging is automatically displayed on every WebPublish site.

More about emergency messaging

Website governance

There is a new Queen's committee that provides oversight for the university’s public websites.

Learn more about the new committee