Events Calendar

The event calendar view allows site contributors to display events in a calendar format. The calendar allows site visitors to toggle between monthly, weekly, daily and list views of site events. Site owners can setup custom categories for their events using the Events vocabulary. This allows visitors to filter the calendar to only display events of a specific type. 

Example of the event calendar

Getting started with the event calendar

The Event Calendar tool will display any content created using the Event content type. To add a new event, follow the instructions to create an "Event" page, in the "Creating Pages" tutorial.

The event is just another content type, like basic pages, articles and people directory entries. Though the fields have been designed to capture event information, the basic concepts of editing and maintaining events is consistent with all other content in WebPublish.

For help maintaining your event content, visit our tutorials under Managing Content. You can get started by learning how to edit and delete content.

The event content type allows you to tag your events with customized categories. These tags act as a way of grouping your events and can help visitors to your site find relevant events in the event calendar.

Before you can tag an event, you need to add the categories to your site. You can do this by following the instructions for adding a term to a vocabulary in the our Taxonomy tutorial. Terms should be added to the Events vocabulary.

Once your terms have been added, they will appear automatically in the Event Category section of the event content type when editing existing and future events. They will also appear automatically as filter options in the Event Category section of the event calendar.

All published events will automatically display in the event calendar. This page is different from other pages because it is generated using a View, meaning that it doesn't offer the same page moderation and menu linking options as a regular page.

To add a menu link to the event calendar to your site navigation:

  1. Navigate to Structure > Menus
  2. Select "Edit menu" for the Main navigation menu
  3. Click "Add link"
  4. Add a Menu link title (e.g., Event Calendar)
  5. In the Link field, add the following: /event-calendar (this is the relative alias of the event calendar page for all WebPublish 3.0 sites)
  6. Select a parent item from the Parent link drop-down, if you'd like the link to appear somewhere other than on the top-level navigation
  7. Click Save

Events will automatically appear in the event calendar when they are published. Likewise, they will be removed from the calendar when they are unpublished, archived or deleted.

For help publishing / unpublishing your events, visit our Publishing/Unpublishing Content tutorial. For help deleting an event, visit the Edit and Delete Content tutorial.