Queen's News Feed Example


This example displays 3 news articles from the Queen's Gazette. The Body is used to provide an introduction to the articles but is optional

Rector installation convocation

Jun 13, 2024

A new face on the convocation stage

The 39th Rector of Queen’s, installed last month, is ready to preside over June convocation ceremonies and to support students throughout the year. 

Heidi Ploeg and Asha Varadharajan

Jun 13, 2024

Professors recognized for efforts in graduate student supervision

Asha Varadharajan and Heidi Ploeg receive the Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision.

Queen's Logo on a blue field

Jun 12, 2024

Celebrating campus Champions for Mental Health

More than 40 Queen’s instructors, teaching assistants, and staff members are being recognized for creating supportive learning and campus environments.