Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that allows site owners/administrators to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments known as tags on your site.

Why is it configured on my site?

Google Tag Manager provides site owners with advanced tracking ability, e.g. they can learn about document downloads, scroll-depth on pages and clicks on specific links. University Relations uses GTM for cross-website tracking in support of accessibility, brand governance, and digital strategies. 

How is it configured on my site?

IT Services centrally manages a GTM account. To configure GTM for a WebPublish site, IT Services first creates a container for it in this account. Each container has a unique Container ID. We then enable a GTM module on your site and add the Container ID. This creates a link that allows data to be passed between the site and GTM. 

Once that link has been created, we add tags to the GTM container:  

  • Google Analytics: the tag is configured so that every time a page is viewed, that data is tracked in Google Analytics.
  • Additional tags upon request, for example,  
    • Tag for all PDF and other document downloads: Tracks user interactions with downloads documents on your site 
    • Tag for scroll-depth: Tracks how far users scroll down on your pages 
    • Tag for clicks on specific links: Tracks link clicks 
    • Tag for interactions with videos or audio streams on your site 

Who has access to my site's Google Tag Manager account?

University Relations and IT Services WebPublish Administrators have access to the GTM settings for all WebPublish sites. The only other users who will have access to the site's container are those who have explicitly been requested by the site owner. Depending on the comfort level of the user, one of the following roles can be assigned in GTM:  

  • Read: Can view tags, triggers, and variables 
  • Edit: Can create workspaces and edit tags, triggers, and variables. Cannot modify user permissions 
  • Approve: Can create container versions 
  • Publish: Can publish container versions

For more information on accessing GTM for your site, submit a request form.

How do I read an understand the data provided?

Learn about Google Tag Manager on Google's Analytics Academy website.