Cookie Disclosure

The Queen's cookie disclosure message, which is available for adding to any Queen's websites that is in compliance with Queen's web privacy statement. It is added by default to all WebPublish sites.

When the cookie is shown, the user sees the text "Queen's University uses cookies to provide the best possible online experience" with an OK button and a link to "Learn more about Queen's privacy practices"

[graphic of cookie disclosure message]

When a user clicks the OK button, both a first party and a third party cookie is placed on the user's browser for, and the message disappears.

During any subsequent visit by this user to any Queen's website that uses the same cookie disclosure code (cross-domain websites included), the browser will check for the existence of the cookie. If it finds it, the cookie disclosure message is not shown again.

In cases where the users browser is blocking third party cookies the disclosure message will only be silenced for the one website where they click the OK button. 

The cookies expire after 90 days, after which the message will be displayed again.

Additional details about Queen's cookie disclosure code
Records Management and Privacy Office