Add/Remove a User's Access

Add a user

  1. Choose "People" from the Administration menu
  2. Click "Add User"
  3. Under the following fields, enter the appropriate information:
    • Email Address: the individual's Queen's email address
    • Username: the individual's NetID
    • Roles: choose the role that's appropriate. Learn more about WebPublish roles
  4. Check off "Notify user of new account" to notify the individual of their new account
  5. Click "Create New Account"

Remove or change a user's access

  1. Choose "People" from the Administration menu
  2. Locate the user whose role you'd like to remove or change
  3. Click "Edit" under the Operations column beside that person's NetID
  4. Under Roles, uncheck the role you wish to remove access to
  5. (Optional) Add a new role by checking off the appropriate role
  6. Click "Save"

Note: A user whose role has been removed will still show up in the People listing. As long as they don't have a role associated with them, they have no additional access to your site.