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Divider example

Guidelines for use

  1. This paragraph is always used at 100% width of the browser window

  1. Consider how you want your overall page content to be displayed. Identify places where a visual separator between content may be helpful to your visitors. 

Use this paragraph to create a visual separator between sections of content on your page.

There is no change in how this paragraph is displayed on a mobile device.

How to implement

  1. Create a Basic Page.

  2. Scroll down to the Paragraphs section, click the drop-down arrow, and click "Add Divider".
    Selecting Divider Menu Item

  3. Proceed to the Overview of a Divider section of this guide below.

  4. Once you've added your divider, choose your publishing options and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Template options

Overview of A Divider Paragraph

  1. Click and drag the crosshairs handle to rearrange your paragraphs.
  2. Remove this entire paragraph.
  3. Divider Colour - select the colour of the divider that you'd like to use
  4. Divider Type - select the style of divider that you'd like to use
  5. Grey Background Toggle - if this option is unchecked, the divider will appear on a white background. If it is checked, it will appear with a grey background. Only use the grey background if you are adding a divider between two paragraphs that also use a grey background.