Getting Started with Academia

The WebPublish for Academia service was designed with Faculty in mind - it's intended to provide active, retired and emeritus Faculty members with an option for hosting a professional website in the Queen's web environment. 

Each Academia website comes equipped with a clean, simple template that meets the Queen's Visual Identity standards. The template is built with many optional styles and layouts, making it easy to make the site your own. 


Eligibility and governing policies

Any active, retired or emeritus Faculty member can request a WebPublish for Academia site. So long as they meet the eligibility criteria, an Academia site will be created for them. Academia sites are not subject to the same level of review as the other WebPublish Service Levels - however, the Website Governance Committee will still be notified of the site creation and go-live. Sites are still required to adhere to the same governing policies (i.e., the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework and the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources).


Requesting an Academia Site

Eligible faculty can submit the site request form available on the Service Portal. This is the same form outlined on the Request an Account page of this site. When submitting their request, they will have the option to select "Academia" as the selected service level. Once submitted, the request will go directly to IT Services for provisioning. This differs from the standard request process, which requires review by the Website Governance Committee prior to site creation. 

Request an Academia Site

Building your content

The template for the WebPublish for Academia service has been designed to align with the overall WebPublish theming, so as to adhere to the Queen's Visual Identity standards. Academia users have access to all the same paragraphs and layouts that are available in the WebPublish Basic service, providing significant flexibility in building content. In addition, a series of Academia-specific paragraphs have been created to help address the unique needs of Faculty members.