Request an Account

Making the request

Clients who are ready to request a WebPublish account can submit the request by completing the following online form:

Intent to Publish form

The form must be submitted whether it is:

  • a migration from an existing WebPublish account to the new platform
  • a migration from another content management system to WebPublish
  • a net new website for Queen's

Ideally, the request is made by the person who will be the site owner or site administrator, but any Queen's employee closely involved with the project may submit the request.

Once submitted, the request will be reviewed by members of the WebPublish Governance Committee.

After the brief review period, and if/when all conditions of participation and service are met, a WebPublish account will be created for you.

About the process

This site-request process is meant to create awareness, especially within and between marketing and communication teams, of new projects that involve publishing Queen’s information online. This will support alignment of website objectives across Queen's by providing stakeholders with a view of planned sites and and how they fit into the larger Queen’s web landscape.

Committee members will share their insights and expertise, and connect with others from the areas they represent, in support of the project's outcomes. This should also reduce a project’s risk of requiring complex changes before or after its publication.

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