Optimal Image Sizes

The table below outlines the optimal image sizes for paragraphs and content types using images.

Name Optimal Image Size
Circle Image Column 200px x 200px
Column Card 365px x 240px
Hero, Full-Width, and Slideshow Images Hero (250px): 2240px x 250px
Hero (500px): 2240px x 500px
Full Width Image/Slideshow: 2240px x 500px
Image (Banner) 2240px x (varies on height of content)
Image (Large) 1140px x 870px
Image Gallery 255px x 222px
Logo Set 184px x 80px
Site Branding 284px x 240px
Staggered Blocks 1120px x (varies on height of content)
Academia Bio 300px x 300px
Academia Cards 445px x 295px
Article (Content Type) 300px x 200px
Event (Content Type) 2240px x 400px