Optimal Image Sizes

The table below outlines the optimal image sizes for paragraphs and content types using images.

(more info may be found on page)
Optimal Image Size
Circle Image Column 200px x 200px
Column Card 365px x 240px
Hero, Full-Width, and Slideshow Images

Full tutorlal on hero sizing

Hero (250px): 2240px x 250px
Hero (500px): 2240px x 500px
Full Width Image/Slideshow: 2240px x 500px

Image (Banner) 2240px x (varies on height of content)
Image (Large) 1140px x 870px
Image Gallery 255px x 222px
Logo Set 184px x 80px
Site Branding 284px x 240px
Staggered Blocks 1120px x (varies on height of content)
Academia Bio 300px x 300px
Academia Cards 445px x 295px
Article (Content Type) 300px x 200px
Event (Content Type) 2240px x 400px