A summary of the changes made to the WebPublish Basic Service on September 1, 2020.

New features

New paragraph

2-column paragraph:

This paragraph type provides you with two WYSIWYG editor fields, allowing you to add content that will be displayed in a right and left column. Choose the ratio for how you'd like the columns to display (e.g., 30:70, 50:50).


Site administrator permissions: site administrators now have access to administer their Appearance settings. This allows them to configure things like: 

  • Adding a link to a top-level site on their site navigation
  • Configuring the address block in the footer
  • Configuring social media icons in the footer


  • Accordion: We've added a new Body field for the accordion paragraph that uses the WYSIWYG editor, allowing for links and anchors in the paragraph Body description. Note: you will need to transfer any content currently used in the "Body (plain text, no longer used)" field to the new WYSIWYG Body field for this paragraph type. Once this is complete, contact web.publish@queensu.ca and we will disable the old field

  • Search and Sign-in: Resolved an error on the search and sign-in text

  • Accessibility: made on-going improvements to the template accessibility

  • File manager permissions: resolved an issue that prevented users from creating sub-folders by updating permissions

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