A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Basic and Custom Services on April 14, 2021.

New Features

  • Image Set paragraph: The image set paragraph allows you to create a row or grid of linked images, such as logos
  • Filter Queen's News and Event Feed paragraphs by tags: The Queen's News and Queen's Event Feed paragraphs now allow content editors to filter results by tags from their respective sources (i.e., the Queen's Gazette and Queen's Event Calendar)
  • Metatag: Twitter Cards: This module has been enabled for all sites. This module provides support for Twitter's Cards meta tags
  • Link column paragraphs to files: The Circle Column (Image), Circle Column (Icon), and Card Column (Image) paragraphs now allow content editors to link the optional button field to a file, if desired. 
  • Improvements to WYSIWYG linking: Now when adding a link through the WYSIWYG editor, use the new link icon (located beside the ordered list icons) to choose from the following link types: URL, Link to Anchor in the text, E-mail or Phone Number.


  • Footer telephone contrast issues: a fix has been applied to ensure that the telephone number field appears with an accessible colour contrast in both mobile and desktop
  • Header spacing on Homepage content type: a fix has been applied to address issues with the spacing on long site titles appearing on the Homepage content type.
  • Heading space on site branding paragraph: a fix has been applied to correct spacing issues on text added to the Branding Headline field. 
  • Link set text wrapping: a fix has been applied to adjust the alignment of text added to the Link Text field in the Link Set paragraph


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