A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Basic and Custom Services on December 9, 2020.

New features

People Directory

The people directory is being released! This feature allows users to create profile pages; select fields will be displayed on a searchable directory page.

New Paragraphs:

  • Link Set: This paragraph allows you to display a list of links; links can optionally be displayed alongside a font awesome icon. 
  • News Feed Block: The news feed block improves on the funtionality of the News: View Block paragraph. This paragraph automatically pulls in aggregated news content, but allows you to only display news articles with specific tags. Terms added to the "Tags" vocabulary can be used to filter the News Feed Block. It can be added to the Basic Page or Article content type
  • Event Feed Block: The event feed block improves on the functionality of the Events: View Block paragraph. This paragraph automatically pulls in aggregated event content, but allows you to display only events with specific tags. A new "Events" vocabulary has now been associated with the Event content type - terms added to this vocabulary will appear in the Event Category field on Events and can be used to filter the Event Feed Block. It can be added to the Basic Page or Event content type.
  • Menu Navigation: To address usability issues raised by requiring users to double click parent links on the menu navigation, we have eliminated the click functionality on menu items that contain child elements. 


  • Updated the News View Block: an issue involving source code appearing in aggregated content when no teaser was present in an article has been resolved
  • Event start / end dates: conditional logic has been added to the event content type; events with the same start and end date will display a single "date" field when viewing the page. Events with different start and end dates will continue to display both fields
  • Increased number of column containers in a single paragraph: previously, the maximum number of containers (i.e., columns) that could be added to a single column card, icon or image paragraph was 4 - there are now no restrictions on the number of columns. Columns will automatically stack after the fourth container
  • Allow delete sub-folder and resize images permissions for member profile: all roles will now have the ability to delete sub-folders within the IMCE file editor
  • Homepage content type now allows metatag drop-down: the metatag tab now appears in the Homepage content type
  • Allow site admins to administer individual URL redirections: this permission has been added for site administrators to allow them to manage their own URL redirects
  • Updated accordion paragraph defaults: by default, the first container in an accordion paragraph will appear closed. Users will have the option to toggle this setting when editing the paragraph
  • Alternative text not being used for background images: a fix has been applied to ensure alternative text on background images is being applied.
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