A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Academia, Basic, and Custom services on February 8, 2022.

As a reminder, site owners in the Custom service level are encouraged to review the impact of these changes on their site by reviewing it in the Preview environment. You can access the preview version of your site on February 1, at https://wp3-prev.its.queensu.ca/prev_[pubID]. 

New Features and Improvements

  • News Feed Block: There is now a toggle allowing users to link to the specific aggregator tag of that block rather than an unfiltered list of all news items.
  • See more articles button in News Feed Block: Text of this button can now be customized.
  • New column split ratio: 80:20 / 20:80 column split options have been added to the two column body paragraph.
  • Full width videos: Checkbox to allow videos to span the full width of the screen.
  • Queen's logo linking: Queen's logo now links to queensu.ca.
  • Feeds now use teaser field: Aggregator feeds now use the teaser field exclusively, never use or truncate the body field.
  • Full-width site title: Site titles are now full width if "back to" link is empty.


  • Max width on images in most WYSIWYG fields.
  • Link set titles that wrap to 3 lines no longer overlap.
  • Spacing on nested bullet points adjusted.
  • Removed italics from testimonial quotes.
  • Fixed margin on two column body with grey background.
  • H4 and H5 in white staggered block paragraph no longer formatted as white.
  • Links in blue and grey staggered block paragraph now white instead of blue.
  • Fixed empty alt text on People Directory images in aggregators.
  • Alt text added on default photo in event feed block.
  • Added alt text to sticky icon in aggregator pages and paragraphs.
  • Added overflow-x: auto to extra-body field and field-name-body so that large tables and images don't go outside of these containers.
  • Updates to H4 and H3 in some paragraph types to address Siteimprove issues.
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