A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Academia, Basic, and Custom services on July 13, 2022.

As a reminder, site owners in the Custom service level are encouraged to review the impact of these changes on their site by reviewing it in the Preview environment. You can access the preview version of your site the afternoon of July 7, at https://wp3-prev.its.queensu.ca/prev_[pubID] (without the square brackets). 

New Features and Improvements

  • Vertical menu - standard menu now opens vertically at 3+ depth instead of flying out to the right
  • Footer link style - matched footer link style to rest of site (bolded and underline on hover)
  • Extra Body paragraph - anchor ID field now available for this paragraph
  • Anchors within accordions - the accordion now expands when linking to an anchor within it
  • New Hero Image paragraph - new paragraph type for top of some pages, a 250px high image
  • Image Set paragraph - renamed to Logo Set paragraph and updated to allow company name to be displayed when image links to company page
  • Pagination button style - updated to be more obvious
  • Videos loop and autoplay - introduction of parameters that allow editors to set videos to autoplay and/or loop
  • Event location URLs - events can now have a hyperlink for the location, useful in linking to online meetings
  • Email address in footer - site contact information now includes an email address field for departmental emails
  • Updated content type allowed paragraphs - more paragraph types now available on articles, events, and people directory entries
  • Video embed paragraph - now available at the top of some content types
  • (Academia only) Social media icon location - added options to choose where social media icons are displayed
  • (Academia only) Publications paragraph - updated some required fields to make them optional in the publications paragraph
  • (Academia only) Bio paragraph - multiple titles now supported in new field. Note: the legacy title will no longer be displayed on the site, so site owners may wish to update their bios to use the new title field.


  • Setting a page to the Needs Review state no longer unpublishes the live page, if it exists
  • Linking to an anchor from a slider now works
  • Text grid paragraph headings changed to H3 so they no longer break semantic structure
  • Added alt text for two images in event calendar
  • Anchor ID text no longer appears formatted as a link
  • Removed link behaviour from megamenu link items that are <nolink>
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