A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Academia, Basic, and Custom services on June 16, 2021.

As a reminder, site owners in the Custom service level are encouraged to review the impact of these changes on their site by reviewing it in the Preview environment. You can access the preview version of your site at https://wp3-prev.its.queensu.ca/prev_[pubID]. 

New Features

  • Taxonomy term page styling: Pages associated with the event category, tags and affiliation vocabulary terms will now have styling applied to display tagged items.
  • Divider paragraph: The divider paragraph will allow you to create distinctive sections of content on your page
  • Accordion Tab paragraph: Similar to the accordion, this paragraph allows visitors to expand and collapse relevant content, using a tab format
  • Grey background styling options for paragraphs: Most paragraphs will now have the option to ad or remove grey background styling. Note: existing paragraphs will be reverted to the new default, so you may need to add grey styling back to your page if it was used previously.
  • People Directory improvements: we've increased the pagination to 20, and set the "filter by" option to be automatically hidden if the affilation vocabulary is empty. Changes to the default People Directory title and URL will no longer be overwritten when the tool is updated.
  • Allow Queen's Gazette and Event Calendar Feeds to include custom tags: users can now add the ID of a custom tag from the Queen's Gazette or Event Calendar to pull in related content.
  • Accessibility improvements: several updates to the Basic template have been made to improve overall accessibility


  • Page breadcrumb issues: <no link> items in the menu will now be included in breadcrumbs. The colour contrast has also been increased on page breadcrumbs.
  • Videos reportedly autoplaying when viewing a page: a fix has been applied to prevent videos from autoplaying when viewing a page.
  • Custom default featured image on article not populating:a fix has been applied to address an issue where a custom default featured image was not appearing in the news feed block. 
  • Icon field not required in the link set paragraph:the icon field is now required in the link set paragraph
  • Event hero image doesn't give option to upload using file browser: This field will now allow you to upload an image using the file browser
  • Images on the Queen's News Feed not clickable:A fix has been applied to ensure the images on the Queen's News Feed paragraph are clickable
  • Remove "read full article" and "see event details" on Queen's News and Events feeds: due to redundancy and accessibility issues, this link text has been removed from the respective paragraphs.
  • Queen's Event Feed content display issues:An issue has been resolved that caused the Queen's event feed to display incorrectly when there was no content to display or when there was only one item in the feed.
  • Image Set alt attribute not populating: the Image Set alt attribute will now display properly.
  • Increase social media icon size for Academia sites: the built-in social media icons will appear larger
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