A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Academia, Basic, and Custom services on November 30, 2021

As a reminder, site owners in the Custom service level are encouraged to review the impact of these changes on their site by reviewing it in the Preview environment. You can access the preview version of your site at https://wp3-prev.its.queensu.ca/prev_[pubID]. 

New Features

  • Comments feature: site owners can now submit requests to have the comments feature enabled on their site. This allows anonymous users to post comments to an article content type. Publication of comments must be moderated by a site owner. Information on enabling comments is available in the Comments tutorial.
  • 4+ menu added to default menu: The 4+ menu was originally launched with the mega menu feature but is now also used on the default menu. This provides easier navigation for sites with deep menu structures. Site owners can choose whether to set the menu open or closed by default.
  • Remove button styling from circle column icon paragraph: users can now opt to omit the button styling for this paragraph on desktop.
  • Linked site title and footer logo: The site title is now linked to a site's homepage. The Queen's footer logo has been updated to link to the Queen's main site. 
  • Updated logos: The Queen's header and footer logos have been updated to be more legible as part of the brand architecture refresh. More details will be released by University Relations on expectations for other usage across print and digital communications.


  • Updated the 4+ menu so that the sub-menu title is now linked
  • Fixed an issue with the 4+ menu where text was not wrapping on long link text
  • Removed the requirement on the phone number and email address fields for the people directory entry content type
  • Added default bold link text to improve accessibility.
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