A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Academia, Basic, and Custom services on October 7, 2021

As a reminder, site owners in the Custom service level are encouraged to review the impact of these changes on their site by reviewing it in the Preview environment. You can access the preview version of your site at https://wp3-prev.its.queensu.ca/prev_[pubID]. 

New Features

  • People Directory improvements: we've applied feedback from users to improve the People Directory.  We've updated the search functionality so that users can now use it to search based on name or text in the short description. If you are using any hierarchy in your Affiliations, this will now be visually reflected in the filter drop-down. A new Website field has been added that will appear on both the aggregated People Directory view and individual entries. The accordion paragraph will also be available for displaying content on an individual entry.
  • Mega Menu: site administrators can now opt to enable a mega menu instead of the standard main menu navigation. The mega menu allows you to display menu items in a column layout, rather than the default drop-down. 
  • 4+ Menu Level: for menu items at the 4+ menu level, a sub-menu flyout will now appear to allow users to easily navigate deeper page levels from their current position on the site, if they exist. 
  • Queen's Event Feed display updates: in response to feedback we received on the appearance of default images in the Queen's Event Feed, we've updated the default images and decreased the height of the image field. 
  • Landing page improvements: we've applied updates to the https://wp3.its.queensu.ca landing page to make it easier to locate your sites. In addition to a full list of sites, the "My Sites" section will show you all the sites you have permission to edit. Use the pin feature to add specific sites to the "Pinned Sites" section for easy access.
  • Tag styling improvements: we've applied the feedback we received to improve how for tags on the article, event and people directory entry content types appear.
  • Image Banner improvements: we've made some adjustments to the image banner paragraph. Specifically, we've adjusted the overlay to better display the underlying image. We've also added options for adjusting the text width across the banner and the minimum height of the banner.
  • Column Card improvements: the hover affect will no longer be applied on column cards that don't contain a link.
  • Article link text now blank by default: in order to make it easier to create accessible pages, the article "link text" field is now blank by default, so articles will no longer have duplicate link text if this field isn't customized. 


  • Fixed colour contrast on hyperlink text in the Staggered Block paragraph when a blue background is selected
  • Resolved an issue resulting in the event calendar displaying incorrect times. Note: in order to resolve this issue, all users profiles have been set to the Toronto timezone. When creating an event, it will always display the time based on the timezone of the user that created it.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in images going outside two column body boundaries
  • Enabled the "View the Administration Theme" permission for the Editor role, resolving page load issues that users with this role were experiencing
  • Improved spacing for the text gride paragraph
  • Resolved an issue where images in the Accordion paragraph body were not aligning properly
  • Fixed the centre alignment for images in the WYSIWYG editor when captions are enabled
  • Resolved an issue where page breaks were not displaying in the Extra Footer of the Academia theme
  • Fixed an issue where white lines were being added to the Accordion Tab paragraph on mobile
  • Granted access for site administrators to delete images
  • Resolved an issue where tags aren't appearing on the event content type
  • Fixed an issue where " " was appearing in the Events Teaser of the Event Feed paragraph when no teaser was present
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