A summary of the changes that will be made to the WebPublish Basic and Custom Services on February 10, 2021.

New features

Event Calendar

The event calendar is being released! This feature allows users to display their events in a calendar view. Visitors can use the feature to toggle between monthly, weekly, daily and list views of site events. Site administrators can create and tag events using the Events vocabulary, allowing visitors to filter and view events in the calendar of a specific type. Read more about the Event Calendar.

New Paragraphs:

  • Image Gallery: The image gallery paragraph will display a series of image thumbnails in a grid format on a page. Clicking an image will open an expanded view of the image, including any descriptive text, caption, etc., and allow users to scroll through all images in the gallery. Learn more about the Image (Gallery).
  • Video Embed: The video embed paragraph makes it easy to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or the Queen's Streaming Service (Ensemble). Learn more about the Video Embed paragraph.
  • Image (Banner): Add a full width image with colour and text overlay using the Image (Banner) paragraph. Learn more about the Image (Banner).
  • Image (Large): highlight a large image on a page in your site using the Image (Large) paragraph. You can add descriptive text, captions and photo credits. Learn more about the Image (Large) paragraph.
  • Text Grid: The text grid paragraph allows you to add a series of text blocks in a grid format on you page. Learn more about the Text Grid paragraph.
  • Queens News and Events Feeds: these paragraphs allow you to pull in content from the Queen's Gazette and Queen's Event Calendar and display them in a card style, similar to the News and Event Feed Blocks. Learn more about the Queen's Event and Queen's News Feed blocks


  • Link text for articles: added the ability to add custom link text for articles appearing in aggregators
  • Accordion margins: added margins around icons on the accordion paragraph to resolve issue on mobile
  • Mobile menu: adjusted the menu for mobile so that it is sticky when scrolling
  • File uploads for link sets: added the ability to upload a file to the link set content type
  • Siteimprove subscribe tag issue: resolved an issue causing the subscribe tag to be reported in Siteimprove
  • Mobile images: The Image (Banner) and Slider paragraphs now allow users to upload a separate image for use on mobile
  • Linking to internal paths in buttons: resolved issue causing an error message to appear when relative paths to documents were added to the URL field on paragraph button styling.
  • Help text: added/improved help text across all paragraphs and content types
  • Line breaks for site branding: The branding description on the homepage Site Branding paragraph will now display line breaks
  • Footer alignment and header leading on mobile: fixed the alignment of the Queen's logo in the footer and leading on headings when viewing a site in mobile.
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